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Krogers will now require EDI of all DSD vendors

In a recent email sent out to their vendors, Krogers stated:

To streamline our DSD process, Kroger is requiring all DSD vendors delivering to stores directly or via third party (Fed Ex/UPS/Carrier) to become electronic data interchange (EDI) compliant.....

Your role as a vendor is to onboard one of the two receiving methods below to be EDI compliant:

  1. EDI – Network Exchange (EDI-NEX) through a third-party EDI provider

  2. Direct Exchange (DEX) via DEX handhelds or Android device

The email goes on to discuss DEX


DEX (Direct Exchange) is a DSD technology system used to exchange delivery/receipt information of food/beverage/grocery products. DEX is comprised of specialized hardware and software used by the DSD distributor, suppliers, and Grocery Retailers, to allow delivery data to be exchanged. This system is a “back door” or “receiving dock” system in which a delivery is made, and the driver (DSD distributor) makes a “direct” connection to the retailer’s computer system to through a data DEX Port installed near the loading dock or rear door, using a handheld computer and a data cable.

DEX Benefits

• Increases efficiency of drivers as invoicing occurs in seconds

• Reduces the errors in wrong item, price, or quantity for you and your vendor

• Eliminates receiving invoice batching delays with live transmission

• It is simple and cost effective to implement, can be completed on a cost-effective Android device

Finally it discusses the process for vendors to become DEX compliant

1. Obtain/Purchase DEX invoicing software/route accounting software

• An internet search for DEX Invoicing Software will provide several

options available for purchase

NOTE: Make note of the COMM ID. Your DEX software provider should

be able to assist in the process of getting a COMM ID, which is

provided by GS1

2. Obtain/Purchase additional hardware required for DEX invoicing

• Below are a list of required hardware:

• Android or Windows tablet, phone, or mobile computer with a

quarter inch male stereo jack

• DEX cable RS224 or RS422 for each driver who services Kroger

One option for vendors needing to become DEX compliant is DSD Route Accounting from Baus Systems.

Regarding the Comm ID, please understand that the Comm ID is provided by GS1, not by the route accounting vendor. Prior communications from retailers have stated the route accounting provider issues the Comm ID.

Regarding the DEX cable, Android devices, unlike most older Windows Mobile devices do not have a serial port so instead of a RS224 or RS422 DEX cable, vendors will need to use a DEX Bluetooth adapter. A number of hardware vendors can provide a DEX Bluetooth adapter

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