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Accounting Systems

Add DEX functionality to your existing back office application

StoreDEX is designed as an add on to backend accounting systems.  It is a proven product that eliminates the need for backend accounting system providers to learn the specifics of the DEX process. It allows backend systems to add DEX functionality to their existing solution at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. 


Simply write an application that interacts with the data files from StoreDEX and tell StoreDEX when those should run.  StoreDEX comes with built in data import and export utilities to make integration much easier.



Setting Up External Applications To Work With StoreDEX

How do I integrate my back end accounting solution with StoreDEX?

Simply write or use an existing software application that will import the StoreDEX data into your system.  Then tell StoreDEX to run your application when a distributor sends across transactions.


What format is the StoreDEX data?  

The data is received as an 894 recordset but StoreDEX can convert it to either a delimited file or an XML file.  Sample versions of data of all data file formats are available upon request.

Does StoreDEX run as an application or as a service?  

StoreDEX can be installed as either an application or a service.

Is there an integration cost for StoreDEX?  

Integration is typically done by the back end accounting company.  Integration consulting is available on a case by case basis.


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