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Add DEX receiving to your backend check in process

Once integrated with the backend accounting system, StoreDEX eliminates the costs associated with manual data entry of DSD invoices.  In addition, StoreDEX eliminates the errors associated with data entry.  Inventory can be updated in real time, when the product is delivered, not when the invoice is hand entered in the office and prices can be verified at the time of delivery.



A StoreDEX Demonstration

What is needed to add DEX functionality to my back end system?  

The three components needed are StoreDEX software, a physical connection between the distributor's handheld and the computer running StoreDEX and an import routine between StoreDEX and the back end accounting system.


How do I make the physical connection?  

The physical connection is a serial cable that uses a female ¼ inch stereo jack connection to accept the distributor's connection and whatever connection needed on the receiving PC end.


Is there an existing product that would help make this connection? 

Yes.  We offer a DEX box that turns the stereo jack connection into a female DB9 connection.  You then need to supply the appropriate straight through cable between the box and the receiving PC.


I do not have a serial port on my PC.  How can I make the connection? 

A USB to serial converter will work in place of a serial port.

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