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Benefits of DEX

Improved back door check in time

Checking in Direct Store Delivery (DSD) vendors, without DEX, is a manual paper and pencil, labor intensive process that delays getting the data into your backend system

More accurate quantities, prices and promotions

The DEX process electronically brings across quantities, units of measure, prices and optionally promotional allowances.  Price discrepancies are caught at the time of delivery.

Less time spent on invoice/payment discrepancies

The backend computers can reconcile invoice pricing based on data in the host system.

Eliminates unauthorized vendors and items

The DEX process can be setup to check if items are authorized or authorized for this specific vendor.

Unknown UPCs do not get to checkout

Items received that are not on file in the retailers host system can be rejected and therefor eliminated from getting to the front end register

No manual logging and reduced keying errors

Manual data input and the associated data entry errors are eliminated saving multiple minutes per invoice as the the invoice is electronically imported

Fewer payment delays due to lost invoices & proof of delivery problems

Invoices electronically imported in real time eliminate lost paperwork and allow for prompt payment as regulations may require

Inventory updated at time of delivery

Inventory counts can be updated with both quantities and units of measure in real time at the time of the delivery.

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