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Working With StoreDEX

What Is DEX?


DEX is a standard maintained by GS1 that allows retailers such as grocery store and convenience stores to electronically receive a Direct Store Delivery (DSD) distributors invoice at the time of delivery.  Since DEX is an industry standard, any DSD distributor who is able to DEX an invoice can send to any retailer setup with DEX receiving capabilities.  This eliminates the need to have multiple custom methods of exchanging data specific to a certain retailer or distributor. Most DSD distributors use a handheld computer to create an invoice at the retailers site.  The majority of these handhelds have the ability to "DEX across" an electronic version of the invoice to the retailer using the DEX standard.     The DEX process allows the retailer to automate the receiving process, eliminating manual data entry and the associated errors and allows for the options of updating inventory and verifying prices at the time of the delivery.



What Is StoreDEX?


StoreDEX is a stand alone software solution that allows retailers such as grocery store and convenience stores to add DEX receiving capabilities to their back end check in process without having to change the back end system.  StoreDEX is able to launch external processes, such as a file import routine, when data is either received from a distributor or sent to a distributor.  StoreDEX also has the option of auto acknowledging an invoice if the retailer just wants to receive the data and not validate the invoice data.   StoreDEX is able to connect to a standard com port or work through a USB to serial converter.



Why StoreDEX?


For Retailers

Once integrated with the back end accounting system, StoreDEX eliminates the costs associated with manual data entry of DSD invoices.  StoreDEX eliminates manual data entry and the errors associated with it.  Inventory can be updated in real time, when the product is delivered, not when the invoice is hand entered in the office.


For Accounting System Providers

StoreDEX is designed as an add on to backend accounting systems.  It is a proven product that eliminates the need for backend accounting system providers to learn the specifics of the DEX process. It allows backend systems to add DEX functionality to their existing solution at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time. 


Simply write an application that interacts with the data files from StoreDEX and tell StoreDEX when those should run. StoreDEX comes with built in data import and export utilities to make integration much easier.

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