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What exactly is a DEX port?

A DEX port is simply the female connection on the retailers side of the physical DEX connection. Think of it as the connection you would plug in a headset when using an old stereo system. In fact it is almost exactly the same. The plug is actually referred to as a 1/4 inch stereo jack connection. At its base, DEX is just a serial file transfer and the method for making the physical connection between vendor and retailer is a 3 wire stereo jack connection. The DEX port itself is almost always either an actual box, hopefully securely mounted, or a connection mounted on the wall through a face plate. Once the vendor connects his device to the DEX port that allows the vendor to send the data file across to the retailers computer. The DEX port is connected to a serial port or more likely a USB to serial port on the retailers computer. Other options include a serial over IP box in place of standard serial.

DEX box with a 1/4 inch stereo jack connection on top and a 9 pin serial connection on the side

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